• Study and analysis of the Performance of the building for the last two plus years.
  • Thermal Photography to include comparison with visible light photography for better clarity of locations and affected parts.
  • Data collection, and analysis of information related to different equipment like power, lighting panels, chillers, using power analysers.
  • Visual Inspection of equipment for identifying inefficiencies, process inadequacies, system inadequacies, non- functional measuring and monitoring instruments, safety issues.
  • Lighting survey at work places.
  • Detail analysis of the data obtained through field visits, trial measurements by portable gadgets, discussion with concerned personnel.
  • Recommendations for energy saving options in all possible areas with complete cost-benefit analysis.
  • Technical Specifications for all retrofit options.
  • List of suppliers / manufacturers of energy efficient technologies.
  • Detailed baseline parameters including assumptions, static factors, independent variables, inventory of energy consuming gadgets etc.
  • Detailed Implementation Plan for retrofitting with cost estimates. Methodology for calculation & assumptions for operation of hours, measurements, energy saving calculation etc. also included.

  • Study of the site and history of availability resources like wind and solar energy.
  • Study the requirement based of the load requirements and the possibility of exporting to the grid.
  • Sizing of the Photovoltaic power generation plant.
  • Fixing orientation and location of the plant while optimising the utility and value of the land.
  • Carrying out commercial negotiation on behalf of the client.
  • Carry out supervision of the work.

Provide advisory services to companies in matters relating to Project management, Facility Management, Property Management, Contract and vendor management, General Administration, Procurement, ISO certifications.

  • The performance of Facility management vendors can be assessed by the following two methods:
    • Monitoring and assessing the inputs by the company e.g. number of manpower promised vs that number supplied, toilets cleaned twice a day etc.
    • Result based monitoring i.e. that the toilets should be clean at all times not concerned about the number of times the cleaning is done.
  • It is easy to assess based on input comparison.
  • The world is moving towards result based assessment.
  • The Result based assessment is difficult and time consuming for the small number of facility management professionals representing the client who also have all the employees as internal clients.
  • This is where we can help by carrying out a recurring Audit of the site based on mutually agreed parameters between the vendor and the client and give an unbiased report to the client based on which the vendor can be assessed and the variable component of compensation paid out.

We are capable of assisting companies formulate processes and systems and also guide them through the process of getting certified under ISO 9001-2015.

Facilitate Real estate transactions in Mumbai by representing both the Landlord and the tenant. While we are aware that this may result in a conflict of interest in certain situations we feel that this can be carried out fairly to both parties till personal intervention is possible.

Any other challenging technical work that require out of the box thinking and solutions.